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CompreVac Inc has been providing compressed air and vacuum solutions to customers across Canada since 1975.  We are pleased to offer technical insight to our customers in the best methodology for creating an efficient and productive environment for machinery choice and use.

Below are some articles we have published to help customers better understand the technology which we provide.

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Air Leaks

Every plant has them, we just don’t like to admit it and we never seem to fi nd the time to deal with them. So much has been written about the subject in the past and to sit down and hammer out a few words once again on the keyboard may just encourage a few folks to get out into the plant and do something about it. So let’s make today, the day we act!

.Energy costs are skyrocketing and that means each leak could be costing you thousands every year. A 50hp Air Compressor will cost you in the region of $19K per year in energy costs alone, if you are operating a 3 shift system. Add to this the cost of service, consumables and depreciation and you are up to $25K. 

If your leaks represent only 5% of your total compressed air production, it’s like taking out two $50 notes and placing them on the BBQ every month. Of course, there are many plants that leak even more than that, where the wastage can be up to 10 or 15% of compressed air production.

Do you need help to sort this out? In most cases you do not. However; if you feel that the task is greater than the resources, give us a call. Generally speaking, if your plant runs 24/7, you will probably need some help, including a ultrasound detector to pick out the leaks from the background noise.

If your plant only operates a one or two shift system, then bite the bitter pill and tell your signifi cant other, “I am going in to work”, on a weekend day. While its quiet. Start up the air compressor and bring it up to full pressure. Then turn it off and walk the plant. You can now hear every single leak as the compressed air squeals and squeaks it’s way to freedom. Have some brightly colored tags and tie them to the pipe, valve, joint, hose or equipment that is leaking. Each tag has a number for the tag, also a number for the estimated size of the leak. All you need is a system from 1 to 5. 1 represent only a minor leak, right up to 5 which indicates that it is costing you a vacation in the Bahamas’. 

More sophisticated equipment is available that will calculate exactly how big the leak is and provide a value. But let’s face it, you know you have a leak, you know you have to fi x it. Plot your report on a spreadsheet. Detail someone to repair the worst leaks immediately and set a plan for the remainder.

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So come the spring time, you're back at it earning a living and enjoying the joys of boating life.

But do you have the right equipment for ice prevention at your marina?  Got a compressor thumping away all day ​long trying to make air bubbles across the expanse of your dock area?  Yeh, you might have that, at best

CompreVac specialize in water bubbling systems and not by plugging a compressor in the wall sourced from the local hardware store either.  You require something that is designed for exactly what you need.  15-20psi of low pressure efficient low cost air.  There are seven models to choose from ranging from  to 353CFM!

This single claw compressor, that's right, a claw compressor services the complete marina.  Through hundreds of feet of submerged piping, this pump runs 24/7 without the need for maintenance. That's right, all day long without a care in the world  and not a single drop of oil will enter the water from this Oil-Free miracle of engineering.  

Atlas Copco

CompreVac Inc is one of the largest authorised distributors of Atlas Copco in Canada.  With stocked air compressors, air dryers and filtration systems ready to ship from our main warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario