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Bulletin - Ice Prevention with Bubbler Systems

CompreVac Inc has been providing compressed air and vacuum solutions to customers across Canada since 1975.  We are pleased to offer technical insight to our customers in the best methodology for creating an efficient and productive environment for machinery choice and use.

Below are some articles we have published to help customers better understand the technology which we provide.

So come the spring time, you're back at it earning a living and enjoying the joys of boating life.

But do you have the right equipment for ice prevention at your marina?  Got a compressor thumping away all day long trying to make air bubbles across the expanse of your dock area?  Yeh, you might have that, at best

CompreVac specialize in water bubbling systems and not by plugging a compressor in the wall sourced from the local hardware store either.  You require something that is designed for exactly what you need.  15-20psi of low pressure efficient low cost air.  There are seven models to choose from ranging from  to 353CFM!

This single claw compressor, that's right, a claw compressor services the complete marina.  Through hundreds of feet of submerged piping, this pump runs 24/7 without the need for maintenance. That's right, all day long without a care in the world  and not a single drop of oil will enter the water from this Oil-Free miracle of engineering.