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Sutorbilt Legend Blower 
For more than 75 years, the Sutorbilt Legend Series has been synonymous with quality and reliability. The Sutorbilt line is at the heart of an ever-expanding variety of air solutions working every minute of every day around the globe.

Common Types of Positive Displacement Blowers

The different types of positive displacement blowers may differ in their construction or operation but all are designed to assist with the movement of materials. PD blowers simply trap and then discharge air to propel materials through pipe or hose which makes bulk transport a quicker and more efficient operation.
Straight Bi-Lobe Blowers - employ two figure eight rotors (or lobes) that rotate
Straight Tri-Lobe Blowers  - utilizes straight rotors with three lobe design, less noisy and lower pulsation compared to bi-lobe
Twisted Tri-Lobe Blowers  - has helical tri-lobe rotors, smoother pulse operation to extend the life of the bearings
Helical Screw Blowers - helical rotors with unique screw design for superior energy savings
Blower Packages - Plug and play simplifies installation and enclosures cuts down on noise levels