Keltec Technolab
Filters and Separators

CompreVac is the largest stocking warehouse of Keltec |Technolab products in Canada.  Fully stocked and ready to ship, CompreVac holds the complete range of Keltec products in it's Mississauga warehouse, just west of Toronto.  If you're in Canada and need an air oil separator, call CompreVac today!  

CompreVac Inc is the master distributor for Keltec Technolab in Canada

keltec technolab filters and separators ontario canada
Keltec Technolab Filters and Separators
Keltec Technolab Filters and Separators
Keltec Technolab Filters and Separators

Something about Keltec TechnolabKELTEC Technolab was founded in 1982 by Ed Kaiser, Sr., formerly an engineer of the Air Maze Corporation for over 20 years. With initial production of air-oil separators, KELTEC Technolab eventually added air-intake filters, oil filters, coalescing filters and synthetic compressor lubricants. KELTEC acquired Technolab (a former division of Flair Corporation), another air-oil separator manufacturer making the new KELTEC Technolab the largest manufacturer and supplier of air-oil separators in North America.

Today, KELTEC Technolab provides their products as original equipment to most of the major manufacturers of air compressors in North America.    

Comprevac was the first distributor of Keltec products in Canada and remains today by far the largest stocking facility outside of the USA.  

Compressed air and gas is essential in many industries for its use in equipment operation, instrumentation, refrigeration and a variety of industrial processes. Clean, oil-free air or gas is a requirement to reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Unfortunately, even atmospheric air contains objectionable contaminants, in both solid and liquid forms, that must be removed prior to the use of the compressed gas. Additionally, in many compressor and vacuum packages, oil is intentionally introduced as a coolant and sealant which must also be taken out prior to air use.

KELTEC Technolab manufactures a wide range of air-oil separators for air compressors and vacuum packages, as well as air inlet, oil and coalescing type filters, that when used together, provide the ultimate in system operation and protection.KELTEC Technolab oil separators operate on the familiar principles of fine liquid droplet coalescence in a flowing stream. These processes have been refined and tailored into packages that meet the special high performance and physical requirements of the air/gas compressor industry.

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