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Atlas Copco Oils and Lubricants

CompreVac is a full stocking distributor of Atlas Copco lubricants which are engineered with the exact right selection of additives that interact in just the right proportion to obtain optimal performance. The additives not only support the base lubrication requirements, they also interact in multi processes in the compressor. 

Summit Compressor & Vacuum Pump Oils

As one of the largest stocking warehouses of Summit oils CompreVac has every oil you need for your compressed air installation.  Summit Industrial Products’ focus is on producing the highest quality lubricants and backing them with uncompromising customer service and warranty. Summit is  recognized as an industry leader in synthetic lubricant technology and our line of over 200 products can service almost any industrial application.

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Atlas Copco Oils and Lubricants

Air compressor oil, lubricants and fluids.  Every type of air compressor and vacuum pump needs a specific oil to achieve maximum uptime, performance and lifetime. Our air compressor oils and fluids cover all your needs.

Atlas Copco Roto Inject Compressor Oil

Atlas Copco Roto Inject Compressor Oil

Atlas Copco Roto-Inject Fluid is specially formulated to protect your GA-GX rotary screw compressors and neutralize pollution. It guarantees the longest lifetime, trouble free, with constant performance, at the best operating cost. 

Years of experience on thousands of types of Atlas Copco equipment have proven Roto-Inject Fluid to match all lubrication demands in varied conditions. It boasts an extended service interval of up to 4 000 hours for operation in a mild environment. This is critical to achieve the best reliability and reduce the service lifetime cost. 

SUMMIT PS Series Premuim Synthetic Blend

Premuim Synthetic Blend

Summit PS Series premium synthetic blend lubricants are a blend of synthetic and petroleum base fluids specially designed for compressor applications and are useful in multi-purpose applications. The lighter grades are also well suited for gas and steam turbine applications. 

The PS Series is manufactured using the highest quality base stocks, additive treated with rust and corrosion inhibitors, oxidation control agents, anti-wear compounds and defoamants and is exceptional at controlling sludge and deposits. Please contact CpmpreVac Inc for specific product recommendations.

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