Summit Thermaphase
Oil-Water Separators

Steam the water out of your oil

summit oil thermaphase oil water separators

ThermaPhase is a specialized unit designed to handle challenging applications where traditional separation methods may not be effective. It is particularly useful when dealing with lubricants that form stable emulsions or are difficult to separate.

ThermaPhase uses advanced technology to separate oil and water, even in highly challenging situations. It achieves this by utilizing a combination of heating and cooling techniques to create a phase separation process that is highly effective. The unit is also highly customizable, allowing it to be tailored to specific applications and requirements.

Overall, ThermaPhase offers an effective solution for separating oil and water in challenging applications, providing a reliable and efficient option for those looking to improve their separation processes.


The law is only getting more robust when it comes to the proper disposal of hazardous waste like oil-water condensate.And the onus of keeping up with those laws rests on the shoulders of business owners. If they are found not to be compliant, it can result in huge fines. We’re also all looking to do our part in preserving the future of our planet.Summit’s oil-water separators are affordable, easy to set up and help businesses avoid fines while respecting our environment.

Condensate, if left untreated, fouls the environment or creates a significant treatment problem. Often the solution is as easy as running the condensate through gravity separators and a carbon filter, such as the Summit ConDePhase Plus units, before dumping the water. When the nature of the lubricant forms a stable emulsion or is difficult to separate, thenour ThermaPhase unit is the right choice for the job. ThermaPhase was developed to solve the tough applications. Both oil-water separators come in multiple sizes to be sure you don’t buy more or less power than you need.