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Electrical Transformer Evacuation Project

Our customer is a company that builds massive electrical transformers.  They approached CompreVac to find a faster way to evacuate the transformers at their Regina facility.  Following each build, the transformers need to be evacuated down to 29”Hg.  Once evacuated, the transformer is tested for leaks before being filled with an inert gas or oil.  Their current vacuum system takes far too long to evacuate each transformer. The volumes to be evacuated are massive.The vacuum system built by CompreVac in their Mississauga location will make a huge difference to the vacuum pump-down time.

The system backing pump is a Rietschle VSI Series Rotary Screw vacuum pump , that has its own on-board, sealed-for-life cooling system, (just like a modern car).  This remarkable pump can operate at depths of 29.917”HgV, or 0.075 Torr.  The normal open flow pumping speed of this pump is insufficient to meet the volume requirements of this demanding application.  To increase the volume, we have added a Rietschle VWP-1000 Rotary Lobe Booster.  Unlike similar booster blowers, the VWP has a mechanical by-pass system that automatically closes to permit the full flow of gasses from the transformer.  Once on line, the booster will enable the system to extract gasses at a rate of almost 2,000 cfm, making the challenge of evacuating huge transformers a very quick breeze.

Concordia University Vacuum Cold Spray System

CompreVac specified, designed and built the complete vacuum pump system for Concordia University in 2016.

Turnkey Vacuum Pump Centralised Installations


You don't run your air compressors without a tank and control panel.  Why would you do that with a vacuum pump?  CompreVac builds on a weekly basis, centralized vacuum pump system for industries such as vacuum forming, vacuum processing, vacuum lifting, meat packaging, vacuum pick and place and more. Let us know what your application is and we'll take it from there.

Vacuum Pump Systems

Do you run a 24-hour operation?  Lights out operation?  Only have a maintenance crew on day shift or do you experience occasional extra demand from your vacuum pump machinery?  If any of these describe your operation then you need a duplex vacuum pump system.  One pumps leads and the other backs it up and then they change every 24 hours.  Ideal for 24-hour operation as you can imagine. Let us know what your application is and we'll take it from there.

Duplex/Triplex Vacuum Pump Systems

Vacuum Pump Systems

Walk into just about any private or government-run water pumping station where there is a need to pump water vertically from a lower level to a higher level, and seek out the most neglected and rust-covered piece of the equipment in the plant. You’ve just found a typical vacuum priming system.CompreVac has a dedicated team for vacuum pump priming systems.  Let us know how we can help.

Vacuum Pump Priming Systems